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Limited NACHO Edition BullyFIT All Natural Skin & Coat Serum

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Limited Edition NACHO @Perfectly_imperfect_Thats_ME All Natural Skin & Coat Serum.
12oz Bottle (Pet Lotion/ Leave In conditioner)


Application Directions

Apply quarter size amount please refer to our dog size chart below, then begin applying the serum to your dog’s hair after shampoo & conditioner has been rinsed. Apply 1st layer of serum while wet. Do NOT rinse serum instead let serum soak into skin & coat. Let your dog dry about 90% and apply second serum layer. Begin brushing continuously until soaked up by skin & coat. Repeat as needed. Can also be applied to your pet while dry, in other words no bath required to use the serum. Recommended 3-4 times per week during shedding season.

1-2 times per week after shedding season. Shedding season starts (Fall) Month October. Shedding seasons ends around April. 
(Pregnant Dogs) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.


BullyFIT All Natural Skin & Coat Serum Application Dog size chart