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Limited NACHO Edition BullyFIT All Natural Skin & Coat Serum 12oz

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Limited Edition NACHO @Perfectly_imperfect_Thats_ME All Natural Skin & Coat Serum.

(Pet Lotion/ Leave In conditioner)

 No Age Restrictions ✅

No Side Effects ✅

No Oily Build Up ✅

Application Directions ⬇️

Apply quarter size amount please refer to our dog size chart below, then begin applying the serum to your dog’s hair after shampoo & conditioner has been rinsed. Apply 1st layer of serum while wet. Do NOT rinse serum instead let serum soak into skin & coat. Let your dog dry about 90% and apply second serum layer. Begin brushing continuously until soaked up by skin & coat. Repeat as needed. Can also be applied to your pet while dry, in other words no bath required to use the serum. Recommended 3-4 times per week during shedding season. 

1-2 times per week after shedding season. Shedding season starts (Fall) Month October. Shedding seasons ends around April. 

(Pregnant Dogs) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

(Year Round Shedder) Daily or every other day as well. 


BullyFIT All Natural Skin & Coat Serum Application Dog size chart