About Us

Our love for dogs is what drove us to the creation of our All Natural Skin & Coat serum. We first applied the product to our frenchies because we noticed excessive shedding and skin allergies. We wanted a product we could apply directly on the dogs coat, we saw all the benefits from feeding our pups salmon oil and flax seed oil. Our goal was to not only work from the inside out but also from the outside in. Our serum is All Natural and approved for short, medium, & long haired dogs. We plan to have multiple business ventures all under the BullyFIT brand, that reflect our personal passions & lifestyle. BullyFIT has a couple different meanings; FIT for our love for fitness, health, and wellness. Out(FIT) for our love for fashion, art and creativity. As you all know we have a true love for the bully breed. BullyFIT is more than just a brand it’s a lifestyle. Est 2020 🙏❤️